Roast Monitor has been the software of choice for thousands of home coffee roasters. Since the first version was written in 2005 for a serial interfaced multimeter it has grown and become a wonderful tool. The current version was modified to work perfectly with HeatSnob and all versions after 2.49 will work but we always suggest running the latest version when it is released to get the latest features.


You can download the latest version from here

Release Notes are available from here

You need Java installed on the PC if not already installed Free Java Download

Forum discussions and FAQ troubleshooting for Roast Monitor and RML can be found at CoffeeSnobs HeatSnob Installation and usage here HeatSnob Chat

HeatSnob and Artisan roasting software how to install Artisan and HeatSnob

For advanced users who have the desire to program events and alarms, have a look at Roast Monitor Language (RML) and here RML (Roast Monitor Language)
(not required for basic temperature graphing but a very powerful tool when needed) you can even have HeatSnob talking if you want!